Temporarily bringing this blog out of retirement to announce that Meetan has finally given birth to a baby girl.


Meetan’s announcement

The baby was delivered via ceasarean section on the afternoon of June 16th weighing in at 2956 grams which is around 6 lbs., 8 oz. for the metrically challenged!  No word yet on a name.  But since Meetan has treated her readers to a play by play of her entire pregnancy, I am sure she will let us know as soon as it is decided.

Congratulations to Meetan and her husband!!!

CK in California

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What a cool little surprise!  I wasn’t overly impressed with the first night’s setlist at AKB48’s Shibuya AX concert.  Although I will admit it was different.  Plenty of Watarirouka Hashiritai, No3b and AKB sub-units.  But the good news was that Meetan appeared in 4 different songs…


Blue Rose held in the Top 100 at #90, which is pretty impressive since it is a pretty old song in terms of AKB Stage Units.  Team K’s Nounai Paradise came in at #78, and after Ohori hinted on her blog that we might see the infamous Gold Bikini, it showed up during 16nin Shimai no Uta…yatta!!!

But the most surprising news of the night (FYI, Sakura no Shiori ranking so low wasn’t a surprise to me) was the surprise new unit Team Z, which featured a bunch of older members including SDN48’s Sato Yukari, Akita Kazue and ofcourse Meetan!!!


I can’t wait to hear the song, it is called Koi no Onawa and is the theme for Kyoraku “Zenigata Heiji Pachinko”. Is that a pachinko machine, or a movie?  I really have no idea.  But I am excited to see what becomes of this unit.  Hopefully it will give Meetan more work and exposure, and I think it is awesome that AkiP is beginning to blend the AKB and SDN girls.  I hope we see a lot more of that!

And with three nights to go at AX we better see a lot more SDN48 than last year!!!

CK in California

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Well, she hasn’t tweeted yet. But she now has an official Twitter under the Horipro banner. In fact, quite a few idols under Horipro received new Twitter pages.  You can check out the list here.  (Hmmm, no Yazappai from Idoling!!!?)  Actually, there are a few other AKB Girls on there, as well as Chenchu from SDN Yayyy!


Meetan’s Twitter Page

Talk about a sekushii Twitter Page eh? (hehe)  By the way, I am in Japan right now and have had the opportunity to see Meetan a couple of times already. What I am really looking forward to is the handshaking event coming up this weekend. It should be great!


Nothing is more fun to me than meeting Ohori!


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SDN48’s Debut single becomes more tangible every day, now with the debut of the full PV and preview of the jacket covers!


How much do I love these covers?  Let me count the ways…

1.  Meetan front and center

2. Meetan front and center

Yes, right where the #1 Senbatsu belongs.  I have heard a few folks say the cover is a bit short on pizazz, for lack of a better word.  I dunno, I think it is perfect just the way it is.   And if you haven’t reserved your copies left, Meetan points out that the local CD shops still have a few reservation cards left, so you better hurry!


Now onto the PV.  We ‘ll see how long this one stays on YouTube before it gets taken down…

Let me start by saying I like the PV.  If for no other reason that Meetan is in it.  Do I think it is the greatest promotional video I have ever seen?  I wouldn’t go that far.  I am surprising myself by saying this, especially since I have always said that my love for idols is much more the visual presentation over the musical content.  But what I love most about this single is the song itself.  It sounds sexy, provocative and has a great edge.  I think my favorite aspect of the song is the slightly flat and and breathy style in which they do the verse.  It fits Meetan’s smokey vocals perfectly.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the PV.  I really do.  They played it fairly straight, capitalizing on what SDN48 is all about.  That’s not to say that they won’t take a few risks with future releases.  But you don’t do that with the debut.  You put out a solid effort, and that is exactly what the girls have done.  So great job!

And now…a few Meetan PV moments, YATTA!!!  First a couple of closeups…




Meetan throwin’ elbows.  GO GETEM’ GIRL!  And the big finish…


By the way, that shot with the Top 3 Senbatsu is absolutely delicious!!!

Not that Meetan is in them or anything, but now I want to see the c/w track PVs.  And ofcourse the video for Kodoku na Runner.  It should be awesome!

(thanks to Jasey for the covers!)

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Look what we have here, a radio rip!!!

I have had this song on “deathloop” for hours now.  I just love it!  I am surprised to hear that a few people don’t like the song.  But it seems like more people love it than don’t, so that’s good.  Although I DO have one question.  What is being said in the very beginning of the song.  Am I hearing that correctly?  “F%#K F%#K”????

Hahahahahahaha!  Team Senbatsu appeared on PON! this morning to promote the release.  Along with the interview they showed part of the PV.  I want to see more!  But beware, according to Ohori this might be a bit “intense” for the little ones (hehe)

From the preview it looks like they do a great job of getting all of the members plenty of screentime.  I just hope there is plenty of Meetan goodness, she is the center girl after all!

Are you ready to buy it yet?  Here are some links to help you out  :)

HMV CDJapan YesAsia


(btw, thanks to the YT posters!)

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With the debut single release looming, Universal Music has opened an official page for SDN48.  It includes all of the latest info, track titles, included bonuses, participating members.  You can check it out at the link below…

SDN48 at Universal Music

There are four different songs in total, each version including three tracks.  There will be PVs, making-ofs, and special DVD features.  But the best part is that the theater versions will all come with 2-shot tickets.  Now if I could only go to that!!!  I am actually going to Japan very soon.  But I am missing the release of the CD  T___T.  I believe the 2-shot event is coming in December, and there is no way I will be able to get back to Tokyo in time.  I hate to deprive Meetan of another chance to pose with me.  But oh well…


I have plenty of SDN48 2-shots from my last trip.  Plus, a handshake event awaits in the near future.  In any case, this CD is going to be totally awesome.  I have already pre-ordered both versions.  Have you?

What are you waiting for???


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No, I am not switching this fanblog to a certain eccentric Western artist.  God Forbid!  No, GAGAGA! is the title track of SDN48’s debut single.  It releases November 24th, and we all know who the frontgirl is…


The SDN48 Senbatsu performed the song at AKB48’s Aki Matsuri Concert in Tokyo this weekend.  Needless to say I am looking forward to hearing what it sounds like.  Oh, and for those of you who aren’t aware Chenchu has replaced Sakuran as the 12th member of the Senbatsu.  This makes me really happy as Chen is definitely one of the members I root for when I go to the theater.  So good for her!


Be sure and preorder the single!  The girls are counting on us!


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It was great seeing Meetan get together with so many of her old Team K pals for a very special occasion, the graduation of Ono Erena.


Pyon looked so cute in her white dress.  Both the old and new Team K’s joined in singing Sasae and Sougen no Kiseki to mark the bittersweet occasion.  One thing is for sure, Meetan truly loves her fellow teammates!

You can check out the videos from the graduation LOD here…


Sougen no Kiseki


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Meetan has fan letters this week, Yatta!!!  And what do we have in this week’s mailbag???


Do I spy my letter among her handful?  I believe I do!  Jeez, I sent that card over a month ago.  I hope Ohori enjoys her belated birthday greeting and best wishes on the Senbatsu election.  (hehe)

At least I now know she is receiving my fan letters.  Cool!


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What a great idea!  Dedicating an entire episode of Suppon no Onnatachi  to SDN48’s candid reactions while watching the Senbatsu results was met with great anticipation.  And the girls?  Well, they did not disappoint!


As far as this blog is concerned, we were mainly focused on where Meetan would finish.  I was reasonably confident that she would be in the Top 2.  Of course we were all hoping for first place.  Wow, first place!?!  Being an Ohori fan has historically meant one was rooting for the “underdog”.  This is uncharted territory not only for Meetan, but her fans too.  Even if she has been leading the election almost from wire to wire.


But alas as we ticked down to the #1 announcement Ohori became more and more serious.  I wonder what she was thinking as the Top 3 were announced.  Thinking about Ohori’s past, she was a gravure idol as a teen.  Just one of many in a world where teen models are a “dime a dozen”.   Before she ever auditioned for AKB she already had one foot out of the proverbial “idol door”.  After languishing in the shadows of Team K for so long, I think Meetan got used to being the type of idol who gets close to touching the “brass ring”, but never quite makes it all the way.

By the way, that’s three cliche’s in one paragraph…nice!!!


This is why so many people love her.  Meetan is always overcome with emotion whenever success befalls her.  She is simply amazing with her ability to be totally “real” during the most poignant moments.


Mascara be damned!!!  (hehe)


After watching Ohori’s subdued, yet emotional victory speech, I began to wonder…Would any of us (including Meetan) really been disappointed had she finished second in the voting?  I mean WOW!  2nd place!  There is nothing wrong with being in the Top 2, right? Hmmm, maybe I am over-thinking this.  She won!  Yatta!


Meetan is #1!!!

And it’s time for a little post-game celebration with the rest of the Senbatsu!  Then it is on to being “center girl” for the debut single.  Ooooh, more uncharted territory.  I must admit I’m a bit nervous for her…


But I am sure she will be awesome!  Meetan you’re the best!  Don’t ever forget it!!!  And never forget your teammates and your fans are all behind you!


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